Parents with glasses inhibit sexual preferences for glasses

Data collected for the study of a sexual preference for glasses have been analysed. We find that parents influence negatively one’s attraction to glasses. That is, individuals whose parents wore glasses are, on average, less attracted to partners with glasses than individuals whose parents did not wear glasses. Results indicate that it is the parent of the sex one is not attracted to that is responsible for the negative effect. For example, we see that heterosexual males (from whom we got the most data) are less attracted to glasses if their father wore glasses during their childhood.

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2 Responses to Parents with glasses inhibit sexual preferences for glasses

  1. A says:

    Is it possible that, since at least one parent is wearing glasses, the subject interviewed is more likely to wear glasses as well and so, they don’t like it just because they don’t like wearing their own glasses?

    However, why the effect should be different for fathers and mothers? Is it possible that mothers are wearing contact lenses more often than fathers, do you control for that?


    • dr.ghirlanda says:

      In our data there does not seem to be any association between the respondent wearing glasses and attraction to glasses, so it is unlikely that the preference is related to respondnets’ own habits. We did not directly control for contact lenses but in our sample mothers and fathers wore glasses equally often (in any case, a disparity in glasses wearing between the sexes would not affect our statistical tests).

      Your last question, regarding why mothers and fathers appear to have different effects on the developing child, is very interesting and no-one has a definitive answer. What we know is that this situation also occurs in other species. This issue is discussed in the introduction to Hanna’s Ph.D. thesis, which you can read here.


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